• Our seniors at the heart of everything we do:

    Our seniors at the heart of everything we do:

    Mediterránea Seniors

  • We help our seniors to live better:

    We help our seniors to live better:

    Mediterránea Seniors

Health Partner

Our Seniors
  • Our concern for the welfare of our seniors means we seek to ensure their quality of life through our set meals specially designed for them

    We also provide services with special menus to suit the occasion:

    • Birthday parties.
    • Culinary events.
    • Christmas parties.
    • Special celebrations.

    For seniors enjoying food is a crucial boost. We provide them with hot, homemade set meals to make them feel “at home”.

  • Our quality department monitors the quality and food safety of all the dishes we make for our seniors

    Our dieticians and nutritionists schedule specific diets to cater for the different illnesses and health conditions of our seniors in order to make their days more pleasant and comfortable.

    Therapeutic diets:

    • Diabetic
    • Gastroprotection
    • Liver-biliary protection
    • Soft and easy to chew
    • Crushed
    • Low-fat
    • Astringent
    • Hypocaloric
    • Liquid
    • Semi-liquid
    • Soft
    • Allergies (gluten, lactose, legumes).


Our extensive experience in food services for seniors is widely recognised by our customers and enables us to deliver quality and excellence in the service we provide to nursing home users and staff.


We are meticulous about all the details that add to our healthy eating service and we are proud to have partners whose main role is to fully meet our customers’ requirements.


Thorough hygiene monitoring of the process for producing our dishes, careful selection of raw materials from local and accessible suppliers and partnership with our customers make Mediterránea into a different and local company.

Our experience enables us to serve our users and ensure they have a balanced and healthy diet, thus contributing to the welfare of patients and their rapid improvement