• ZeST our food solution for campuses

    ZeST our food solution for campuses

  • Their best diet, our commitment:

    Their best diet, our commitment:


  • Feeding more than 20,000 children a day

    Feeding more than 20,000 children a day

Leaders in food services for schoolsLeaders in food services for schools

Catering on-site or brought in. Safety, quality and nutrition.
  • We make set meals based on the preferences and needs of the children

    We draw up our set meals with the premise of being attractive to the students in addition to delivering the nutritional and health benefits that contribute to proper nourishment.

    We use lunchtime to educate and teach children through our instructors about the food they eat, its flavours, qualities and unusual features.

    We handle all kinds of intolerances and allergies and cultural and religious requirements. We customise our monthly set meals for each child based on their needs.

  • Wide range of entertainment and activities programmes

    We have a wide repertoire of entertainment and activities programmes:

    • Recreational, educational and sporting activities.
    • Theatre workshop.
    • Play centres.
    • Storytelling workshop.
    • Cooking workshop.
    • Reading encouragement.
    • Art workshop.
    • Nature workshop.
    • Computer workshop.
    • Ballet workshop.
    • Skating workshop.

    In addition to the workshops and games scheduled in the annual educational plan, the team of instructors holds surprise parties, treasure hunts, etc. for the students.

  • Mediterránea provides a dynamic and modern communication channel designed to help educators and parents in their efforts to teach children to Feed their Growth

    If you go to our “Education and Health” page you will find a range of information about everything to do with our activities in the field of school canteens, where we combine food education and the value of games to help them grow in healthy lifestyle habits.

    In addition, parents of students at the schools where we deliver services can access the following information through a customised website link:

    • Monthly school set meals.
    • Attendance control.
    • Quality questionnaires.
    • Suggestions box.
  • Strict compliance with regulations and using our internal controls to ensure quality

    The school community deserves special attention in terms of food safety. When we make our set meals we take great care to avoid any contamination and ensure that they are pleasant, tasty and healthy.

    Mediterránea has ISO 9001 Quality, ISO 14001 Environment, ISO 22000 Food Safety and OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety certificates.

    Similarly our approved suppliers are part of our food safety chain, ensuring the quality and traceability of our raw materials.

  • Our Mediterranean diet approach means our set meals are safe and healthy and help avoid potential problems with obesity and overweight

    Our team of dieticians and nutritionists design healthy and balanced set meals with a variety of alternatives that contain tasty and nutritious homemade dishes together with special diets for students who need them: hypocaloric, diabetic, celiac, allergy, for gastric problems, astringent diets, religious diets, etc.

    Proper nutrition is important for:

    • Optimal health.
    • Harmonious growth.
    • Greater wellbeing and quality of life.
  • Extracurricular activities are the perfect accompaniment to classroom teaching as they provide knowledge and education in a fun and playful way and help to enhance students’ development of social and personal values

    Our entertainment plan is designed to ensure children and young people can enjoy themselves in a friendly atmosphere. Our goal is to educate by having fun.

    All our instructors and educators are trained and qualified to carry out their work based on the specific needs of each of the children in their care.

Our commitments



At Mediterránea we are passionate about educating young children while they eat. To do this we have attractive, appetising, healthy and nutritional meal plans that feature well-structured and balanced set meals designed to be enjoyed while following the principles of the NAOS strategy.


All this is also accompanied by educational and recreational activities which foster healthy habits by creating fun and creative spaces where students learn to expand their psychological abilities, thinking, perseverance and self-discipline and which enable them to develop values such as respect, solidarity and cooperation.


Our commitment to feeding our children’s health means we operate in all Spain’s regions, using our expertiseto deliver comprehensive premium quality services featuring utmost food hygiene that are tailored to the individual features of each school, age, environment, culture, religion, etc.